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Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 20:00
De Kriekelaar

English language with French and Flemish captions

Photography: Niall Walker

Photography: Niall Walker


You can’t dance if…
You are not good looking
You are blind, or deaf or stupid
You are paraplegic or quadriplegic, have a visual impairment or you’re colourblind
You an idiot, demented, diseased, dumb or a dimwit
Instead you should spend your time watching the masters.
The skilled.
Those who know.
Like us.

Join Ian Johnston - Scotland’s leading learning-disabled artist - and Gary Gardiner as they hit the floor in this often challenging, uncompromising and hilarious exploration into what it really means to be a 'dancer'. With a blistering soundtrack careering from Kylie to Nick Cave, they will attempt to understand what it is about dance that makes them feel most alive. Expect outrageously camp jerks and thrusts… and complete stillness. The performance will be followed by a Q&A session with Ian Johnston and Gary Gardiner.

'Ian is a joy to watch as he shows how dance can make you come fully alive.' The Skinny


21Common is an artist-centric, artist-led collective born from a friendship and collaboration between Gary Gardiner, Lucy Gaizely, Ian Johnston, Louise Irwin and Adrian Howells. 21Common make work which is dedicated to using radical arts practice for the benefit of personal and social change.




Wednesday 12 June 2019 at 19:00

English language with French and Flemish captions

Photography: Lawrence Winram

Photography: Lawrence Winram


Matthew Zajac’s stunning show about his Polish father has entranced over 36,000 people, playing in a huge variety of venues from prestigious theatres in cities which include New York, Adelaide, Kiev, Malmo and Berlin to tiny village halls.  This is a rare chance to see this unforgettable and moving story of displacement and survival in war-torn Europe, a powerful allegory for all victims of war.

Written & performed by Matthew Zajac
With Jonny Hardie/Gavin Marwick on violin
Directed by Ben Harrison
Designed by Ali Maclaurin
Musical direction by Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick

 Winner of a Scotsman Fringe First and the Stage Best Solo Performer Award at the Edinburgh Fringe 2008.

“Brilliantly encapsulates the effects of war on individuals, families and societies” The List


Dogstar Theatre Company is a European touring theatre company, based in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness, one of Europe’s fastest growing small cities. Dogstar commission, produce and tour new plays by writers from the north of Scotland and elsewhere. The company aim to present their varied audiences with engaging and entertaining theatre which combines the new and the traditional, the classical and the experimental, drawing on accumulated experience and contemporary innovation. From their early Highland tours, the company has extended its reach, now touring across the UK and internationally, with over 170 performances outside Scotland since 2009.

Artistic Director Matthew Zajac wrote and performs in The Tailor of Inverness, and the performance won the Stage Award for Best Solo Performer at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe, the Best Actor Award at the 2009 Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland, a Scotsman Fringe First, and the Holden Street Theatres Award.




Wednesday 12 June 2019 at 21:30

English language with French and Flemish captions

Photography: Douglas Robertson

Photography: Douglas Robertson


Inspired by the stories and letters of conscientious objectors who refused to fight during the First World War, award winning composer and guitarist Graeme Stephen’s powerful performance weaves together music, spoken word and image to engage with the public perception of war, highlighting the sacrifices objectors made in the name of peace.

With the acclaimed Shetland-born Violinist Chris Stout, Patsy Reid on Viola, Alice Allen on Cello, Lizabett Russo on Vocals and the Voice of Nitai Levy.

“Stephen’s daring writing and willingness to complement conventional lyricism with sonic experiment makes for a powerful experience” The Scotsman


Graeme Stephen was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and has been playing guitar since the age of 9. Today he leads and contributes to a multitude of musical projects in Scotland and overseas, playing a wide array of styles from free improvised jazz to Scottish folk. Stephen’s peerless improvisational skills and talent for composition make him one of Scotland’s most exciting and prodigious musical talents.




Thursday 13 June 2019 at 20:00
Théatre de la Vie

English language with French and Flemish captions

Photography: Aly Wright

Photography: Aly Wright


“I wrote this play to protest against the prejudice and discrimination trans people suffer; to celebrate our presence on this earth and affirm everyone’s shared humanity. I am so proud of everything it is doing to transform the lives of trans people.” Jo Clifford

Written and performed by legendary trans playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford and directed by Susan Worsfold.  

This unique and extraordinary show combines theatre with storytelling, spoken word and ritual in a way that, according to one audience member, “leaves everyone feeling blessed”.

Join Queen Jesus for a revolutionary queer ritual in which bread is shared, wine is drunk and familiar stories are reimagined by a transgender Jesus.

“Reaffirms everyone’s right to live free of discrimination & prejudice” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


Jo Clifford is an Edinburgh based playwright, poet and performer, as well being a proud father and grandmother. She is the author of about 90 plays that have been performed all over the world. Susan Worsfold is an award winning theatre director specialising in the Nadine George Voice Work for which she is one of only 14 accredited teachers worldwide, delivering voice workshops in Scotland, France, Beirut and Brazil. Together with producer Annabel Cooper they are the founding directors of Queen Jesus Productions.

The play has had an incredible journey over the last decade, from being the subject of hate and abuse from a mass protest outside the Tron in 2009; to hundreds of sold out performances in the UK and Brazil and the resulting creation of a Brazilian production that has become the most talked about show in the country and is at the epicentre of struggles against censorship and bigotry. Ten years on from her controversial premiere in Glasgow in 2009, Queen Jesus will return to the site of the original performance, the Tron Theatre, in October 2019 to mark the anniversary with a week-long programme of celebration, performance, activism and reflection.



Douglas by Robbie Synge

Friday 14 June 2019 at 20:00

No language

Photography: Sara Teresa

Photography: Sara Teresa


Douglas is an exaggerated look at the body’s connections with our physical surroundings. It is a longing for sensation, to feel connected and alive in pain and pleasure, to not be alone.

Douglas is at work with a number of simple objects found in the theatre space. Connections are discovered as the materials’ potentials are explored with weight and gravity, revealing the inter-connectedness of body and staging elements. At times light and very delicate and at times heavy and dramatic, neither performer or audience can be certain of the outcome of actions as they unfold. The work holds many surprises, often defined by the objects themselves.

“Will leave you totally moved and enchanted” Julia Carruthers, Dublin Dance Festival Director


Robbie Synge studied science but now makes performance, film, objects and other things rooted in choreographic thinking around the body and its meeting points and touch with people, objects and the natural and built environment. He lives in a small village in the Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland and works nationally and internationally.




Friday 14 June 2019 at 21:30 - 00:30 (durational)

Minimal language

Photography: Jannica Honey Photography

Photography: Jannica Honey Photography


With live accompaniment from Glasgow-based noise band Okishima Island Tourist Association, FK Alexander sings along to the recording of the last time Judy Garland ever sang Over The Rainbow, four months before her death. Stand hand in hand with FK, and witness others do the same.  This durational performance is an intimate interactive live experience of undivided attention and love. It’s a loud but loving noise.

Nothing will quite prepare you for the emotional impact and intimacy” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Winner of Total Theatre Award for Emerging Artist, Edinburgh Fringe 2016 & Winner of the Autopsy Award, Edinburgh Fringe 2016.


FK Alexander is a Glasgow based Performance Artist whose aesthetically driven work is concerned with issues of wounds, recovery, aggressive healing, radical wellness, industrialisation and noise music. She predominantly puts her body at the centre of ritualised, time/task based live art, in often ridiculous attempts to communicate ideas around new language, new violence and new love. FK collaborates often with a range of live artists and noise musicians, and has shown work across the UK, Europe and the USA.




Tuesday 11 - Friday 14 June FROM 10:00 - 01:00


We have teamed up with Halles Saint-Géry in the centre of Brussels to provide a festival hub throughout the week, with talks, workshops and events during the day, and meeting points, gatherings and drinks late into the night after each show.

At the Hub, Made in Scotland Festival is delighted to host a series of industry talks and workshops bringing together key European and Scottish protagonists to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing everyone working in the arts across Europe today.

We will also be hosting an information session and networking event for artists and industry members who want to know more about presenting and finding work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

All events will be hosted at the Made in Scotland Hub, Halles Saint-Géry, place Saint-Géry, 1, 1000 Brussels

The hub programme will be announced soon.




14(15) June 2019 at 00:30 - 05:00
featuring AAguilAA (Vicuna, Belgium) + Letitia Pleiades (Scotland)


Featuring DJs from Scotland and Brussels, we invite everyone to come and celebrate with us with at our Closing Party at Recyclart’s new venue.

AAguilAA is a Lisbon and Brussels-based DJ, playing metallic EBM funk, leftfield disco, acid-house, breaks and raw techno, playing in bars and basements, from private parties to events in metro stations, in cities such as Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Vienna. AAguilAA is the head of programming for Vicuna, one of the many club concepts created as part of Los Niños.

Letitia Pleiades’ amorphous artistic practice embraces DJing, dance, herbalism, teaching and organising to create access to the above. They are known for bass-heavy sets that are anarchic and unpredictable, while joyously slaying the floor.

“A killer DJ; whose sets sidewind between UK bass, dancehall, house and techno. Totally anarchic and unpredictable.” Fielding Hope, Counterflows Festival, Glasgow

Made in Scotland Festival Closing Party supported by Los Niños